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Re: [vxi] Build & Install pb on RedHat 6.2 again!

The last OpenVXI I tried to work on with RH6.2 is version 1.4. I am not sure 
if you can use a gcc 2.x compiler on the 2.0.1 VXI. I think you had to use 
2.95 with a particular version of the libstdc(something like 2.90.8, or 
something like it). It didn't like the lesser version supplied by RH. gcc3 on 
RH7.2 straightened out all of my compilation issues. You might try putting 
gcc3 on these systems, but I couldn't tell you if that will fix it.

On Thursday 03 October 2002 10:41 am, you wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to this mailing list.
> My company would like to evaluate OpenVXI 2.0.1 on NMS AG4000 telephony
> cards. These cards are plugged into RedHat 6.2/i386 - based PCs. So, I must
> make OpenVXI to work on these system.
> I've completely read the mailing list archive (which I don't understand
> why it stops around the April 4, 2002). I saw a lot of people having
> problems under RedHat 6.2.
> The actual situation: xerces, spidermonkey and libw3c are successfully
> installed as explained in OpenVXI building instructions.
> But, the compilation of OpenVXI causes the error about std/bastring.h I've
> patched as explained by Pavel Cenek on the 26/02/2002. But now, I have
> the messages attached to this mail when compiling the latest element
> of OpenVXI: testClient programm.
> Thank you very much for solving my problem if you can.
> It's been 2 days I'm turning around to make OpenVXI to work on this
> system.
> Note: we also uses Debian/woody PCs for developping applications. On these
> systems, with gcc >= 3.0, I have encountered absolutely 0 problem!

Michael Glover
Software Engineer
Interact Inc.

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