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Re: [vxi] Posting results to document server after playing prompts and/orrecognition

I know the answer but i will not tell you. I think you should know more 
about VXML before asking such questions :))
now.. some serious stuff.. OpenVXI sends the values of all the fields in 
form, when do a sumbit. But u can restrict these fields by specifying 
namelist attribute in submit element. U can specify whether to POST/GET by 
using the method attribute. u can send anything to the webserver incuding 
javascript objects and shadow objects. OpenVXI uses (but i don't :)) libwww 
library for this purpose.


>From: Anindya Sinha <as_vxml@yahoo.com>
>To: vxi-discuss@metronomicon.com
>Subject: [vxi] Posting results to document server after playing prompts 
>and/or recognition
>Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 11:59:14 -0700 (PDT)
>On performing any recognition (digit or speech) or
>playing of prompts through OpenVXI2.0.1, does the
>software have a mechanism to Post the collected
>digits/speech and relevant information to the HTTP
>server ? If yes:
>* Is the protocol HTTP POST ?
>* Is the implementation inbuilt in the code, or does
>the client code written on top of OpenVXI needs to
>invoke the functionality.
>* What is the format of the message being sent to the
>document server in this case ?
>* Are all collected inputs (wrt to digits and/or
>speech) reported to the document server ? And if no,
>which are the ones that are reported ?
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