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Re: [vxi] Where can I find latest patches ???

Subhash Agrawal wrote:
> I was looking for latest release of openVXI and I found that on following
> link http://fife.speech.cs.cmu.edu/openvxi/download.html
> And it says that openVXI 2.0.1 was updated on Feb 26 2002 .


> Now I am wondering whether I need to get patches from somewhere else
> too ? If yes, from where I can get those ?

Depends on what you want to do. AFAIK there is no official set of patches
from SpeechWorks, and I haven't heard anything from them if and when they
release the next version of OpenVXI (at least it seems they're still wor-
king on the project and still willing to support the open source version).

If you're more or less "playing around", the current version will be
fine. If you need more conformance to the latest versions of the VXML
standard, you'll need to change some parts of the OpenVXI code.

I have compiled some patches, mostly from mails on the list, and was
thinking about making them available to public. I think sourceforge would
be the right place, but I have no experience with sourceforge. I would
guess that you need some special permission to store patch files there.
Anybody knows how it works? I was also thinking that we could use the
CVS repository for updating the source code, but then we probably should
start with a new branch (after updating CVS to 2.0.1). The current CVS
version is 1.0 or at least something very old. And it is only the official
tar file dumped into CVS, so there is no comments or anything like that.
(BTW, the link to sourceforge is http://sourceforge.net/projects/openvxi/ )

Maybe I could also make our patches available temporarily on our own web
server, if there's some urgent interest from the list.

> If no, then should I assume that above link has latest code ?

The latest official version, yes.

> One more thing, some time back I had openvxi yahoo group link for archives
> but I think I lost that.I used following link for archives
> http://www.speechinfo.org/vxi-discuss/archive/
> but it does not have any messages after March 4, 2002. Can anybody send me
> latest link to archives ?

Unfortunately you're right. I don't know of any other archive, and this one
still stops at March 2002. I tried to contact Alan Black, who was mentioned
somewhere as the maintainer of the archive, but haven't heard anything back
since May.

I would love it if somebody would find some time and disk space to maintain
an archive of this list, and maybe provide some more structured access to
it, too (instead of getting a huge list of mails starting from January
2001...). I could live with that if the archive would be continued, but
right now it's pretty much useless and outdated.

To get started, you could copy the archive from www.speechinfo.org, and
I could provide a copy of the remaining articles from my own mailreader


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