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RE: [vxi] URI's loaded from VXML file


I just ran into this myself. The fragment is stripped by the call to
GetFetchobjURIs in the LoadGrammars() function (file GrammarManager.cpp),
but is not used at all. I suspect that you can either
1.	extend the interface to pass on the fragment.
2.	extend GetFetchobjURIs to include the fragment in the fetchobj. 

I'm not sure which way is preferred though.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Michnowicz, Simon G [mailto:Simon.Michnowicz@team.telstra.com]
>Sent: donderdag 20 december 2001 6:06
>To: 'vxi-discuss@metronomicon.com'
>Subject: [vxi] URI's loaded from VXML file
>I am using a modified version of OpenVXI2.0 to process a VXML file.
>This file has a grammar statement like
><grammar src="Goodbye.rulelist#.S"/>
>The "#.S" is used by our implementation of LoadGrammarFromURI 
>to perform our
>own stuff...
>Whilst this worked in OpenVXI_1_4, in OpenVXI_2, there is a 
>problem with the
>passed to 
>VXIrecResult LoadGrammarURI (struct VXIrecInterface* pThis,
>  const VXIMap* properties,
>  const VXIchar* type,
>  const VXIchar* uri,
>  const VXIMap* uriArgs,
>  VXIrecGrammar** gram) ;
>The uri in this case points to the Wstring "Goddbye.rulelist" 
>- the postfix
>"#.S" has
>been stripped before being passed to this method.
>I suspect this is done when reading in the file. I would be 
>glad if anybody
>can confirm
>this behaviour, and point me to the appropriate methods that 
>implement this
>Merry Christmas...
>Simon Michnowicz
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