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RE: <enumerate/> in <noinput/>

I agree. Thanks John for your explanations.
Did you test my new code for enumerate_element() ?
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Envoyé : vendredi 24 août 2001 16:21
À : denis.froschauer@netcentrex.net; vxi-discuss
Objet : RE: <enumerate/> in <noinput/>

  I see that example too, but I think it is wrong.   There are a lot of mistakes in the examples in the spec (but that is all we have to go on).  But if you read section 13.1, you see:
You can leave out the <prompt> ... </prompt> if:
*  There is no need to specify a prompt attribute (like bargein), and
*  The prompt consists entirely of PCDATA (contains no speech markups) or consists of just an <audio> element. 
But the <prompt> ... </prompt> cannot be removed from this prompt due to the embedded speech markups: 
<prompt>Please <emp>say</emp> your city.</prompt>
So I think the example is WRONG and that you need the <prompt> tag when you do an <enumerate>
I hate how we are FORCED to program by example (can people tell it is a bad day here already, just hoping not to offend anyone today).
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From: Denis Froschauer [mailto:denis.froschauer@netcentrex.net]
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 10:18 AM
To: John Kerwin; vxi-discuss
Subject: RE: <enumerate/> in <noinput/>

The first sample of the "§ 7 MENUS" of the specification has one...
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Envoyé : vendredi 24 août 2001 16:02
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Objet : RE: <enumerate/> in <noinput/>

Can you have a "naked" <enumerate>?  I thought the only thing you could have without the <prompt> tag was an <audio> tag or plain text?
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Subject: RE: <enumerate/> in <noinput/>

Denis Froschauer écrivait ( Friday 8/24/01 03:48 PM ) dans le message ci-dessous:

I suggest to modify enumerate_element() to recursively find a parent node of type menu or field, like this :

OK ... good idea... it seems logical...

Prompt::enumerate_element(DOM_Node& prompt, DOM_Node& en, ExeCont* exe){
  int i;
  int choice_count = 1;
  DOM_Node par;

  par = prompt;
  while (1)
  par = par.getParentNode();
  if(par == 0) return(NULL);
  DOMString parname = par.getNodeName();
  if(parname.equals("field")) break;
  if(parname.equals("menu")) break;

  Prompt* result = new Prompt();        

2. This solution work well, but only if I add a <prompt> tag to embed the TTS :

<prompt>Please say one of <enumerate/></prompt></noinput>

Do you have an idea ?


yes... it's difficult, because enumerate_element take the DOM_node adress of the parent prompt ...

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Envoyé : vendredi 24 août 2001 15:14
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Objet : RE: <enumerate/> in <noinput/>

The "Prompt::enumerate_element()" method insures that the parent node of the
<prompt> element containing the <enumerate/> tag is a <field> or <menu>
before performing the enumeration.  Otherwise, it just returns without doing
any work.


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From: Jean-Michel Reghem [mailto:jeanmichel.reghem@planetinternet.be]
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 4:17 AM
To: vxi-discuss
Subject: bug: <enumerate/> in <noinput/>

it seems that <enumerate/> tag is not supported in noinput...

but, it's specified in dtd ... and in §7 Menus of voiceXML specs...

is someone knows why ???



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