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Re: JSGF grammars


JSGF is not supported and it is up to the recognition interface to implement the grammar
(the grammar definition is not really part of VXML 1.0 and usually ASR companies
like Speechworks or Nuance have their own - usually not JSGF).
That said I haven't found open-source code for JSGF (I asked about it in this list and did not get any
positive response) and I would be interested in any open-source grammar code you could
I haven't checked what Sphinx is using for grammars (you may know better than I do)
but you can have a look maybe they have something.


Hello, I am actually working on the integration of vocal recognition system, and I would like to know how OpenVXI deals with JSGF grammars. I didn't find in the code any relative element. Thanks for the help you could bring me. Régis.PhD Student.


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