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Re: Can not build for Windows NT

Steve -
    How did you try to build?  Can you give specific error messages?  Did you download the Xerces and SpiderMonkey packages as described in the build instructions?

    The makefiles may be for Linux, but the Makefile.NT files are designed for Microsoft's nmake and should work fine.

As a note to Emma, you should not need Administrator privileges to build on NT, nor should you need root access to build in Unix.  If you found otherwise it may be an issue with your configuration that prevents you from compiling at all.


swang@tems.com wrote:

> Hello all:
> This is a test message for the discussion group. If you see this message please reply.  This is also a request for help. I downloaded the source code and tried to build under the Windows NT platform. I tried both OpenVxi and OpenVxi_1_3 and no success. Checking the makefiles, I found out the makefiles are for Linux. Has anybody successfully built the open source VXI for Windows NT? Please share your experience.
> Thanks,
> Steve

S. Derek Seabury
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